The True Story of Cinderella - by Warren Martin

St. Francis Episcopal Church

2810 Long Ridge Road
Stamford, CT 06903

Come, see and hear “The True Story of Cinderella,” the next event of the Sounds Good concert series. This is not the children’s story, but a musical performance for all ages. Bring your loved ones young and old to this hilarious, entertaining, and touching love story as ‘told’ by twelve area soloists, narrator, pianist, and bell.  The kindly King and his devoted Queen; the old widow woman (Stepmother) and her two daughters (the driveling and sniveling Stepsisters); the handsome young Prince; Cinderella (of course!); the dearest little old lady you ever did see (the Fairy Godmother); three wise and noble men (the Three Hermits); and the unforgettable King’s Herald, will together reveal to you-at long last-the True Story Of Cinderella! Performing are singers well-known to St. Francis’ Sounds Good: Jim Fredericks, Sarah Bleasdale, Richard Weidlich, & Frank Mastrone, along with many other new faces (and voices). The music is sublime, the lyrics are clever, and the overall performance will leave you fully uplifted! A performance of “The True Story of Cinderella” on Youtube from Westminster Choir College:  Tickets are $25 for general admission and $20 for seniors and students.

CONTACT INFO: Rev. Mark Lingle,

Saturday, 02 February, 2019


Claudia Bilotti

Phone: 2037963257
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