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Why 'Normal' is a Risk Factor for Disease

Osteostrong Darien

Goodwives Shopping Center - 25 Old Kings Hwy North
Darien, CT 06820
United States

Why "Normal" is a Risk Factor for Disease. Dispelling the myths about Hormone Replacement Therapy.
About this Event

Dr. Charles Guglin MD has been a practicing General Surgeon in the Milford, New Haven area for 30+ years.  He left the practice of surgery to pursue a new approach to medicine.  The allopathic model of disease management, prescribing pharmaceuticals that merely relieve the symptoms of chronic disease, is what we think of as “Healthcare” in western culture.  We love this, because it allows us to pursue an unhealthy lifestyle while we slowly grow old and succumb to chronic illness and systemic disease, and spend a lifetime just feeling “OK”.  The mission of the team at HyperFit MD Age Management Center is to help patients do an end run around that system.  This is done by an initial evaluation that embraces all of the available technology to inform a patient, with real depth, about their physical and metabolic status.  A precision plan is then created to help that person, through lifestyle changes, hormonal optimization, and myriad other scientifically proven methods to achieve lasting health well into old age.  It’s all about quality of life, and that takes more than 6 or 7 minutes once or twice a year, which is all you typically get from your overworked personal physician.  The approach to health at HyperFit MD is precise, personalized and scientifically proven to work.  Come and see us when you’re ready

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Tuesday, 14 January, 2020


OsteoStrong Darien

Phone: 203.900.1661
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